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 Toolbox Jam - Mission Statement

Every venture needs a good mission statement. Short, simple, and direct.


Toolbox Jam will provide a place in Ellensburg
to maintain the flow of the music
and keep music alive.



OK, OK. There's a little more to the operation than just a fancy statement. Ideally, musicans need a place to go to play together. Toolbox Jam is an outlet for musicians to share their work with other musicians, in a fun, relaxed, setting. A real stage, real equipment, and real guests (even Brian's Mom). Our goal is to provide a jam at least 3 times per year, every year.

March    Spring Jam    -or-    Ides of March Fire Tribute

July       Jazzy Jam during the annual Jazz in the Valley weekend

October       Halloween party

Ellensburg music is alive.

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