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HogBytes began in 1996 as a place for me to post articles and photos for motorcycle events that my friends and I attend. Browse through the photos and stories, and enjoy your visit.

This is a personal web site. I update it sporadically, when my other life allows free time. Getting out to events, photographing really cool stuff, documenting pictures, and verifying code takes time.

Freedom Run 1997



Seattle Cossacks in Monroe



V-Rod Drag Bike at Children's Ride


From the thrill of attending my first Freedom Ride with ABATE of Washington in Olympia, to the thrill of riding in a group of over 1600 bikes at Children's Ride 10, I've wanted to share my experiences with other riders, enthusiasts, and non-riders.

As the web has matured and changed, I've left my archives available. Stories and photos from the early years are still here. Cowhide & Chrome is no longer in business, but photos of the Seattle Cossacks from the 2nd Annual Pig Roast are still here.

So if you are interested in seeing what "real bikers" do, come on in and browse around. I hope you enjoy the ramblings and musings about motorcycles in Puget Sound. The site is safe for families to visit, but your mother still may not approve of motorcycles.

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For more information on my background and how this site was developed, see Beryl's Portfolio.

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