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Here are some photos of our bikes.
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BeNO3, 1984 FXRS
I bought my bike in May, 1996. I've put several tens of thousands miles on my bike since then. I've also modified it for a custom fit. The engine is now 96 cu in, and I've added forward controls (not in this photo).

This is my second bike. My first bike was a hand-me-down Honda Trail 50 that I had the summer I was 13 or 14. I rode a bit on friend's bikes in high school, but until 1994, I had never ridden a Harley.


Buxhog, 1986 FLHP
I bought my FLHP in May 1996. Before that, I rode an FXRS for about 13 years.


Project Bike, 1970 HD Rapido
Beryl bought this 125 cc bike in 1996. It's still a project bike.


Freedom Run, 10/6/96
Here we are, heading to Olympia.

Freedom Run, 10/6/96
Here we are, stopped for a break in Pacific.

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